Custom Fabrication and Painting
Mine Power Centres - Portable Switch Gear - Custom Sub Stations

Portable electrical equipment for all your power needs. As most portable system requirements are unique, we are accustomed to incorporating changes and new ideas into our engineered designs. From rebuilding a used unit, to building from the ground up, we are able to accommodate your budget and schedule.

Portable equipment built by Boundary Electric incorporates the following:

    * Compact Design & Engineering
    * The latest in technology
    * The highest quality components available
    * The most experience in the industry
    * "Safety first" Design concept
    * Complete equipment documentation, testing and drafting capabilities

Authorized Supplier and Qualified Service Depot for the following manufacturers of mine power centres, portable switch gear and custom substation electrical equipment:

Schneider Electric
    * Pacific Crest Transformers (formerly Areva)
    * Olsun Transformers
    * Toshiba
    * S & C
General Electric

    * FPE
    * Rex Transformers