Mine Subs
Mine Power Centres - Portable Switch Gear - Custom Sub Stations

As most portable system requirements are unique, we are accustomed to incorporating changes and new ideas into our engineered designs. From rebuilding a used unit, to building from the ground up, we are able to accommodate your budget and schedule.

Portable equipment built by Boundary Electric incorporates the following:

    * Compact Design & Engineering
    * The latest in technology
    * The highest quality components available
    * The most experience in the industry
    * "Safety first" Design concept
    * Complete equipment documentation, testing and drafting capabilities

Authorized Supplier and Qualified Service Depot for the following manufacturers of mine power centres, portable switch gear and custom substation electrical equipment:

Schneider Electric
    * Pacific Crest Transformers (formerly Areva)
    * Olsun Transformers
    * Toshiba
    * S & C
General Electric

    * FPE
    * Rex Transformers